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During the 90s SOL travled many times to Hotevilla in Hopi .This Blue Corn is originally from Grandfather James Kootz, third Mesa, from a field below Hotevilla some distance. Grandfather James was part of the Hopi Elders known about around the world…Thomas Banyaca, Dan Evehema, David Monongy, Grandmother Carolyn, Kechongva….

They are all gone now, like thier Elders, and thiers. Thier ideas along with this seed Live on. This corn was passed on to me from Grandfather JAme’s son¬†Dennis who sent me off with the words ” someday you may need to bring it back because we may lose it” We were much younger then and monsanto was just starting to be understood for who they are.

This is a dry farmed corn that will perform like no other..this feels like a totem strain. Spiritually powerful. Try to isolate and grow 100 or more for sufficient biodiversity. Stagger by several weeks with other corn varieties to avoid pollination.if possible return a little. Contact me if u are in the northern ca or southern or area.

This particular crop is the result of the hard work of Joe Covington and Craig Keyes who grew a bucket of seed into a gift…