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Marily Woodhouse- When it comes to protecting forest, we at SOL would have to categorize Marily as fierce. Tired of seeing relentless logging in her community, Marily has accumulated (quickly too) the skills to defend the forest facts (that would be science) from open forum to the courtrooms. Marily heads the water monitoring program in the Battle Creek watershed, and has spent decades living in the place she works to protect. Marily loves nature and judging by the bird...she gets that back.
Eva Del Re- Eva is co-founder and the leading public promotions for Escuela Garifuna Multilingue. Eva is a Spiritual Elder and very dedicated to Ceremony as well as Children. Oh Yeah, she LOVES Reggae. Mauro met Eva sitting on the drum at Red Buffalo Sundance, where they helped out with the songs for four days.
Terence Unity Freitas- Terry was murdered running his project, the U'wa Defense Project. His death brought world-wide attention to 5000 U'wa that were threatening mass suicide if Occidental Petroleum (OXY) began drilling in the pristine jungle that the U'wa claim as theirs. Soon after his murder Oxy pulled out of U'wa territory, although TODAY occidental again threatens U'wa and MANY other native territories in the Amazon basin. Killed with Terry was Lahe'ena'eGay and Ingrid Washinawatok, both well known Native American activists. The three were killed by the FARC, a violent terrorist army in the Columbian jungle. A website (one of many) honoring Terry can be found here.
Jennafer Yellowhorse was a team leader (6 years+) in SOL's Big Mountain project and led supply drops as one of two teams traversing reservation territory in northern Arizona. Jen is also responsible for entire campaign strategy and operations as given to her by Native Elders. Simultaneously Jennafer had co-founded and was the editor for Making Change, an awareness newspaper highlighting the plight and politics of the southern California homeless. Truly an activist, Jen is always on point and in her activism. Yellowhorse continues to carry the SOL mission through on-site support of impacted mjning families on tribal lands by researching burial property taken during mining excavation to motivate repatriation.