GeoEngineering Watch! Scientists and many NATO governments are calling for the artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems because of global warming. This means weather modification on a world-wide scale that scientists say could leave over 2 billion people without food due to draughts and other severe climate patterns being created to support 1st world nation food production. The chief proposal is SRM, basically a nano-metal spray in the atmosphere (which of course falls to Earth) to reflect sunlight, thereby cooling the planet. Citizens all over the world are concerned that these weather modification are ALREADY engaged in secret experimentation. This project tracts and publishes all news relating to both ongoing weather modification programs as well as reports from scientists and government bodies designing geoengineering programs.  Although created at SOL: SOL is no longer the the umbrealla for this website and related public relations activities. Administration is now under the care of Dane Wigington the lead researcher for and a well known lecturer on the topic.