CEO- Mauro Martins de Oliveira- Mauro had been caravaning supply lines of humanitarian aid from Los Angeles to Native American lands in Arizona for three years before finding the time to apply for the non-profit in 1997. As soon as that documentation came thru, a barrage of soul-shaking humanitarian crisis was directed under our wing. We have been shaking the tree ever since. Mauro's background is in the multi-media arts, including audio, video and print production. Active at all levels of SOL, Mauro helps maintain a high profile public relations reality to SOL's projects. email:
CFO- Laureen Martins de Oliveira- Laureen has worn every hat at SOL. Since the very start Laureen has been greeting Matriarchs, hunting funds, scheduling daringness and finding a way. Laureen is a people person and finds herself at home on the reservation or in the boardroom. Laureen has a background in sales, product distribution and business administration. email:
Secretary- Julia Orr is a founding member of SOL and veteran of dozens of caravans to Big Mtn and the organizer of media events for SOL and other groups for two decades. Julia is now Director of Media Relations for SARK
(Showing Animals Respect and Kindness). Julia is perhaps one of southern California's most relentless and daring animal rights activists, directly confronting the animal testing labs at UCLA and other locations. email:
Jennafer Yellowhorse was a team leader (6 years+) in SOL's Big Mountain project and led supply drops as one of two teams traversing reservation territory in northern Arizona. Jen is also responsible for entire campaign strategy and operations as given to her by Native Elders. Simultaneously Jennafer had co-founded and was the editor for Making Change, an awareness newspaper highlighting the plight and politics of the southern California homeless. Truly an activist, Jen is always on point and in her activism. Yellowhorse continues to carry the SOL mission through on-site support of impacted mjning families on tribal lands by researching burial property taken during mining excavation to motivate repatriation.