CEO- Mauro Martins de Oliveira
Mauro had been caravaning supply lines of humanitarian aid from Los Angeles to Native American lands in Arizona for three years before finding the time to apply for the non-profit in 1997. As soon as that documentation came thru, a barrage of humanitarian relief projects was directed under his wing. We have been shaking the tree ever since. Mauro's background is in the multi-media arts, including audio, video, and print production and as an artist, his humanitarian work has been recognized by the United Nations and the Clinton White House. Mauro is a front-line activist, risking arrest in the blockades of mega loads to the tar sands (XL Pipeline), Standing Rock actions, actions at Fort Beale and Creech Air Force Bases (Drone Assassinations) and plant shutdowns at Monsanto, Nestle, and Alhambra. Oliveira produced 140 shows for Small World Radio and published First Issues magazine in northern California. His contribution to STOP TANC helped to halt a 1.4 billion dollar eminent domain power line project threatening 25 thousand families in California. Mauro is a sundancer and very active in ceremony. His views on the rise of a Matriarchal system of governance is widely known and he was the only male speaker at the 2015 Ecofeminist Conference in Los Angeles.
Contact: email- smallworldradio (at) outlook (dot) com or by tele at (five three zero) (three five six)- 7343
Secretary-Julia Orr
Julia is a founding member of SOL and a veteran of dozens of relief caravans to Big Mountain. Julia is a communications specialist with over fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry at Walt Disney Studios and DDA Public Relations, as well as two decades of activism working on animal, environmental and human rights issues. She has a special focus on animal rights and has organized large-scale protests in Los Angeles for World Week for Animals In Labs, National Primate Liberation Week and National Day of Mourning for Animals in Labs. Julia has worked as a media consultant for multiple animal welfare groups. In Spring, 2014 she curated her first exhibition, “Light In Dark Places; The Anti-Vivisection Movement from Victorian Era to Modern Day” with the National Museum of Animals and Society. Julia is also a writer and has a guest blog on Huffington Post Green. Her first book, “The Big Mountain Diaries” a biography of her work providing humanitarian support to the Dineh and Hopi people debuted early 2015. Contact:
Julia Orr C: 818 471 7573
Director- Bob Saunders
Bob has a background in many civil rights, social justice and human rights causes, as an activist, an organizer and planner, and more (Occupy Sacramento, Crunch Nestle’ Alliance, The Anti-Monsanto Project, the Anti-Police Brutality Movement, the Family Rights/Children’s Rights Movement, the Court Reform movement, Reforming Children’s Protective Services (CPS) Movement, the Homeless Rights movement, and more). He also works with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and volunteers as a Legal Observer, when he can. Additionally, Bob also has a background in the non-profit industry having worked for several organizations over a fourteen year period, working as a fundraiser, campaign organizer and manager, event manager, and as a communications manager. Bob’s many years of experience in event organization, planning and management, team building and team leading, logistics, lobbying, public relations, writing press releases, conducting media interviews, delving into research for informational purposes, writing White Papers, writing Fact Sheets for the media and other groups, etc., has come in handy on the various projects and events that he has been involved in. Bob strongly believes in and practices the theory of, “Chop Wood, Carry Water.”
Bob can be reached by email at: