The CSO or Community Supported Organizer Program is designed to allow fast and direct funding for activists in the field or on the front lines when a donor has no need or interest in receiving a tax deduction. This program particular assists activists that are also directors of non-profits and bound by rules that deny a salary or compensation for non-profit work. In other words, many directors who volunteer their services to a non-profit ALSO spend much of their time doing direct action activism related, or even unrelated, to their non-profits programs. This program helps to fund their activities instead of that activist constantly losing their own money doing the work. Some of the most talented organizers saving planet earth are severely hindered with having to work another job to pay their bills. If you, the donor, require a tax deduction for your donation, THIS IS NOT THE CHOICE FOR YOU.


Community Supported Organizers within Sol Communications are:


Mauro Oliveira, CEO/Founder,  SOL Communications. Mauro is also a community organizer and assists at Standing Rock, Creech and Beale Air Force Base Drone Assassinations Programs, Nestle, Alhambra and Crystal Geyser water bottling actions, Tar Sand and XL Pipeline activities, Small World Radio, local homeless food and welfare programs, as well as many other non-profit activities. To donate (non-deductible) to Mauro’s Non-Violend Direct Action, CLICK HERE FOR PAYPAL. Mauro’s phone number is 530 356 7343