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SOL joined EarthFirst! and other local Arcata/Eureka environmentalists and traditional Yurok Natives in their struggle to prevent the clearcutting of one of California’s last unbroken Redwood Rainforests, currently “owned” by Green Diamond Timber. Green Diamond has nearly 1/2 million acres of coastal forest assetts that they intend to clearcut in the next 10 years. They have stated publically that any tree over 50 years old is to be cut. We at SOL, join the scientists and evironmentalists all over the world who recognize studies that show that the Redwood is three times more efficient at carbon sequestration and storage than any other forest on Earth. The tree sitters in Trinidad (Tsurai is the Yurok name) are courageous and selfless as they maintain their constant occupation of this forest that is about 1200 acres. The sit is over two years old and scheduled to be cut down this spring (2014).


Tree Sitter traverses between two trees.

SOL’s participation began with updating the sit’s communications possibilities. The sit now has internet and live streaming video as well as telephone and text communications and email. The Communication station, atop “Misty”, is referred to as “Redwood1 and the number is 530 999-8177. We are in the process of expanding our communications to worldwide shortwave and local alert abilities. SOL is the primary contact for non-direct action 501c3 tax status for support operations not involving direct action. SOL is also one of the sponsors of non-violent direct action training and tree sitter indoctrination.

See the SOL produced PSA for this project:

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